Parents Testimonials

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Parents Tetimonials

Mr Amith Kumar Singh
Father of Siyona Singh of Grade 1

My Experience at Mount Litera Zee School for the past 4 years has been very crucial for development of my Child. Childhood schooling is such a sensitive and formative time in life of a person. I believe that the experience that MZLS offers to kids is irreplaceable, due to instillment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide everyday in life. The school Management, Teachers and Support staff are one among the amazing professionals that I have come across till date. I would highly recommend this school to my friends and well wishers at any given point of time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at MZLS once again.

Dr. Alok Gupta
(Application Scientist II)
Thermo Fisher Scientific

We are very happy with the improvements in Kabir. We have got great suggestions from the class teacher and the principal and we observed tremendous changes in our son after following those suggestions. With the help of story books especially our epic books such as panchtantra, his interest in reading and concentration has improved.
This has also developed a confidence in him and which has truly helped us channelising his energy. I see that he is more into constructive thinking.
These small story books has also inculcated in him our true moral values such as speaking truth, honesty and respecting the elders.
We as a Parent are very happy and grateful for the efforts from MLZS teachers, Principal and other staff members and from our side we promise that we will do our best on the suggestions and feedbacks provided from them to develop our child.

Ravi Ponnappa
Managing Director – Powerhaus

My daughter, Nishtha Ponappa, has been with MLZS East since its inception, which makes this her 4th year in the school. All new organizations have teething issues and MLZS East was no exception. However, I have always felt that there was a sense of control over the overall situation and the school has come a long way since its beginning days. The effort from the teachers at the school can be clearly seen in the way our daughter has been developing over the past four years and this makes us feel reassured. The sense of reassurance has gone up another notch this year since the appointment of Ms. Charu Agarwal as the principal of the institution. The no-nonsense approach of this Principal goes a long way in making sure the institution works as a well-oiled machine, thus improving our confidence in the school. Special mention of the PTMs which are very proactive and the feedback given by the class teacher and the mother teachers completely genuine. I would also like to thank Ms. Ankita, the co-ordinator at the school, for taking special interest in reassuring the parents and in helping us soothe our nerves! I wish and hope that you all continue to do a good job!

P Srinivasa Rao
NIIT Technologies
Parents of Lohit Potnuru ( Grade 1)
Harshith Potnuru (Nursery)

MLZS is a friendly place for kids. It builds a transparent bridge between parents and teachers. The teachers are like second parents for the kids. We observed a lot of development in my kids physically, mentally, psychologically and most importantly academic wise. Specifically this school pays lot of interest in every area, which the kid requires. I am thankful to this school.

Divakar Rao
DGM - Contracts | RMZ Corp

Father of Kusumitha Rao (4th std) & Suchethan Rao (2nd B)

My kids love to go school, post they joined Mount Litera Zee School. No pressure on Kids and on parents too. Teachers are qualified & experienced. Curriculum are designed for 360 degree growth of kids. They love few activities like life skill, going for a day picnics, visiting garden, supermarket, post office, fire station etc.,

Rajaguru M.F.T
Sr. Consultant
Father of D.R.Vithun

We would like to thank all for providing a conducive & Play learning environment for our son D.R.Vithun Your lovely and wonderful teachers are truly dedicated ones. The learning experience for the interactive program for our son of class PRE KG (yr2015) had been an enjoyable one .
Special thanks to the teachers of class Pre KG for the relentless dedication and patience in nurturing our son during the immersion program. He had been joyful from day 1 of the PRE KG . We believe your passion, professionalism in nurturing the children are the key factor of him being enthusiastic in school.