It is a handbook which supports a teacher to prepare well her lesson plan before teaching. It is exclusively designed with specific reference to conduct activities and audio visual application.


Each and every chapter of all subjects is supported by e contents and audio visual study materials that foster the teachers to make their teaching more interesting and easy for understanding. These are designed with the objective of giving a practical knowledge. The classrooms are equipped with Interactive White Boards (IWB) along with Projectors to ensure E-learning process under the support of Zee Learn Ltd. This further facilitates students to get an international exposure to broaden their educational, cultural, social and intellectual skills. The availability broadband connection further supports to e-learning facility in the classes which is the most advantageous aspect of the academic excellence of the school.

LR (Learning Resources)

This is a unique strength of the school. Apart from the text books and other related work sheets given on regular basis, each and every subject is supported by an exclusively designed LR (Learning Resource) It contains extra study materials and questions based on the textbook lesson with special focus on High Order Thinking(HOT) of the students.