Principal Desk


“If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will flourish. Children are like those plants which need to be nurtured with care so that they can excel in their chosen fields”.

As an educator I firmly believe in the proactive role that an educational institution can play in the welfare of the society. I consider it an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of this wonderful institution which is already moving on to the path of progressive and holistic approach to child care and development.

Character Building is the most important aspect for building a bright future for the future generations and it is equally important to focus on leadership training, self-governance, decision making, crisis management etc along with mastery of regular subjects at school.

Our endeavor at MLZS is to provide a platform where our students can take up opportunity and the challenge to do the things they are capable of and rise to their potential, on all fronts – curricular and co-curricular. The school is lucky to have an enthusiastic bunch of students and teachers who are eager to help them learn and grow.

I believe in the motto “Training For Life”, where effective , meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life – to accept challenges, face competition, even to have the courage to fail and then stand up to move on to victory and triumph.

As parents you would have some questions in your mind about the school. I have tried to answer a few of those here.


1.How future ready is the school?

At MLZS East Bangalore we focus on developing the child’s confidence in his own skills and capabilities so that he/she is future ready in the competitive world .

We teach children to work in groups & think critically to solve problems.

We teach children to tolerate ambiguities. We appoint teachers who can learn, unlearn & relearn and the same is taught to children.


2.How skilled are the teachers?

Teachers are qualified ,passionate, committed. They have a positive attitude and are ready to learn unlearn & relearn. The approach to learning is holistic and positive. Apart from 60 hours of training from Zee other trainings are given . Some of them are

  • How to build a positive attitude
  • Time management
  • Effective teaching
  • Stress management
  • Integrated methodology of teaching
  • Importance of Discipline in Life
3.Does learning happen outside the classroom?

At Mount Litera Zee School East Bangalore we focus a lot on community outreach programmes, field trips, as we believe in learning by seeing and doing. Some of the community outreach activities are

  • Voting Awareness Drive
  • Safety Awareness Drive
  • Celebrations with responsiblitiy
  • Peace Drive
4. How safe are the learning spaces?

Apart from ensuring the physical safety of the child with a child friendly atmosphere, we focus on emotional safety of the child as well. We don’t believe in Corporal Punishments. We know that children will make mistakes but our approach to helping them correct it is responsible and innovative.


5. How are children assessed?

Formative and Summative assessments(CCE) as per the guidelines of CBSE. We work with children of different levels and with continuous remedial classes and assessments all are brought to the same level. We don’t focus only on the top layer of students but believe in bringing all at the same level.Our assessments consist of observations, interviews, journals and anecdotes beyond the usual pen and paper tests.

6. Different learning speeds.

We lay a lot of emphasis on inclusive education & remedial plans. Some periods are dedicated effectively for Mathematics & Language to focus on children of different levels

7. Are involvements and achievements outside academics encouraged and supported?

Children who participate in tournaments and competitions outside school often miss school regularly. The school helps these children by providing extra support for them and tailoring the academics for them.

8. What is the value system of the school?

At Mount Litera Zee School East Bangalore we believe that values can’t be taught in a period. It is to be practiced regularly. We believe that children follow what we do rather than what we preach. We also believe that parenting is an art and counseling sessions are conducted regularly .

“ There are two ways to be happy in life, never give the help of tears to your emotions & never give the help of words to your anger.”

Best Wishes

S V Lavanya

MA. B.Ed