School safety is the responsibility of everyone – staff, students and parents. The School has procedures in place to ensure that the physical environment of the school is safe.

There is only a single access point of entrance for visitors, which is closely monitored at various points. Visitor’s policy requires every visitor to sign in or show proper identification or wear ID tags. The campus is under close circuit camera surveillance

In a quiet neighbourhood, the campus is spacious, well-lit and ventilated rooms and landscaped grounds, resplendent with courtyards, fruit trees and flowering plants. Every detail of the campus — both inside the classrooms and outside — has been specially designed to ensure a safe, appealing and stimulating environment, utilising a cohesive synergy of nature and state-of-art technology.

It has a large playground with basketball court, Lawn tennis, skating, swimming pool as outdoor activities. School offers Library, Karate, Science lab, Computer lab, English lab, AV room, Music, Dance, Art and Craft activities along with clay modeling to its precious students. We offer language enrichment programs in our school I.e., ERP (English Enrichment Program) and HRP (Hindi Enrichment Program).


All members of our staff receive extensive routine training in driving, housekeeping and first aid. A matron accompanies children in every trip. She is trained regularly to handle every contingency and ensures the safety of all children under her care.

Efficiently mapped-out bus routes ensure that children spend the least amount of time travelling to and from school. Every bus is fitted with speed governors and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allowing constant tracking and communication.